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Ray has been working both sides of the glass since he first started composing and recording at the age of 14.
He has produced almost every style of music from orchestral film scores to metal mayhem, pop rock to pop dance,
rockabilly country to world & new age. He has worked comfortably with male & female singer/songwriters,
those new to the art of recording and seasoned world-class pros.

In any situation Ray is known to get the most out of every performer he works with. Whether he is working
at home in his world-class project studio or in any outside facility, Ray will work out a budget to match
the needs of the artists and won't short change them on achieving the world-class master they are looking for.
Contact Ray to setup a consultation.

Here are a few examples of Ray's work. However almost everything you hear on this website has been produced by Ray.

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Instrumental - TV/Film/Radio

Orchestra - Metal w. Choir

Radio Show Ad  1:33

Heavy Guitars

Beer Sluts  0:37

Sexy Heavy  1:30

New Age

Sweet Dreams  2:18

Distant Dream  1:47

Middle Eastern - Exotic

Arabian Dream  0:37

Sitars-n-Women  1:00

Singer - Songwriters

Modern Country Rock

Pass Me By  1:33

Alternative Folk Rock

Kissing A New World  2:45

Diana  2:15

Acoustic & Vocal 

Our Time  3:22

Past The Midnight Hour  2:16

The Hidden One  2:15

Hard Rock

A Cowboy's Song  1:30

Movin' To The Moon  1:30


Vocal w. Orchestra  2:08


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