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Ray DeTone with guitar in wind                Excerpts of Thematic Music for Film & Television
                 ALL tracks on this page are composed, performed & produced by RDT
                                       ALL titles on this page ©2005-2014 Ray DeTone

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Thematic / Orchestral

Orchestration w Choir  1:34
Winters Breath  2:08
Summers End  2:03
Nylons n Flute  1:58
Heavy Guitars

Beer Sluts  0:37
Sexy Heavy  1:30
Zak Label  2:10
Acoustic Guitars

Cruising In My Car  1:11
Happy Whistling  1:00
Jacuzzi Jazz  1:00
Back Porch Country

Banjo n Surf Gtr  0:53
Tickling Turkey  1:00
Back Porch In Hungary  0:40
Cowboy Western

Moseying Along  1:03
Slow Poke  1:00
Spaghetti Western  0:40

African Journey  1:35
Arabian Dream  0:37
Italian Holiday  1:02
Sitars-n-Women  1:00
French Bistro  1:02
New Age

Sweet Dreams  2:18
Distant Dream  1:47
Forest Prelude  1:00
Haunting / Horror

Last Gasp  1:00
Time For Reflection  1:36
Dark Four  0:58
Sounds Of The City

Hot Latin Night  1:00
Barry Goes White   0:39
Orleans Second Line  1:00
Tequila Funk  0:38
Old School Blues

A Man Blues  2:25
Hammond Organ Blues  2:38
Screamin'Jay Guitar  3:30
1950s RnB  1:58
Good Morning / Evening

Up and At 'em  1:00
Sleepy Morning  1:00
Mornin' Coffee  1:00
A Peaceful Midnight  1:00
Exotic Cinematic Misc.

Silent Reckoning  1:00
A Good Pounding  1:10
In The Throes  1:26
Sinful Rain Soundtrack  2:54
Slow-n-Deep  2:00

Lil Lima Bean  1:00
Buddy The Dog  1:00
Cartoon Circus  1:00

Ray has composed Film & TV music for PG-TV, Playgirl, MTV, RAI-TV Italy, TDM Productions,
Bennu Productions, Comedy Net, Handmade TV,, Soundtrack Solutions,
Univision and continues to compose regularly for the Omni Music Library,
allowing Ray's compositions to be used as Background Music in countless ad campaigns around the globe.
Contact Ray for specific needs as his catalog contains over 500 pieces of original music and continues to grow.